New Library Books

Date of Purchase Title Author
 November 3,2023  Pokemon Phonics Give It Back   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Get The Egg   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Get Your Licks   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Stop That Shot   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Run Away    SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Catch Z2   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Save The Day    SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics The Three Brother   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Time To Battle   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023  Pokemon Phonics Go Home, Pokemon
 November 3,2023   Pokemon Phonics Cute Blue Shuckle   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023    Pokemon PhonicsSo Much To See   SCHOLASTIC
November 3,2023
 Pokemon Handbook  SCHOLASTIC 
November 3,2023
pokemon Super Deluxe Edition   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023 Chompy has a friend for lunch  Satterwaite
 November 3,2023 peepa pig touch and feel class pet   SCHOLASTIC 
 November 3,2023  WHO WOULD WIN WILD WARRIORS Jerry Pallotta
 November 3,2023  The Loud House Old Friends, New friends   SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023  The Loud House No Bus, No Fuss  SCHOLASTIC
 November 3,2023  Capitan America El Ejercito Fantasma Alan Gratz
 November 3,2023  The Baby-Sitters Club Good -Bye Stacy,Good-Bye Gabriela epstein
 November 3,2023  I Survived The American Revolution  Luaren Tarshis
 November 3,2023  Spy Ninjas Virtual Reality Madness  Vanotes
 November 3,2023  Speak up ! Rebecca Burgess
 November 3,2023  Speak up!  Rebecca Burgess
 November 3,2023  Puedo ser su Perro Troy Cummings
 November 3,2023  Guinness World Records 2023  Guinness
 November 3,2023  Hombre Mosca Presenta perros  Tedd arnold
 November 3,2023  El Club de Comicos De Supergatito a Proposito   Dav Pilkey
 November 3,2023  Querido Primo  Duncan tonatiuh 
 November 3,2023  Pele De Dinosaurios  Jinny Johnson
 November 3,2023  FGTeeV Out Of Time   FgTeeV 
 November 3,2023  Stitch Manners Matter, Stitch !  Leslie Ann Hayashi
 November 3,2023  Agent Stitch A Study In Slime   Steve Behling
 November 3,2023  The Junior Patrollers   Mei Nakamura 
 November 3,2023  Fall Guys Guide To Winning The Crown   King Fisher
 November 3,2023  Puppy Dog Pals Adventures In Puppy-Sitting   Annie Auerbach
 November 3,2023  Dork Diaries Tales From A NOT-So-Posh Paris Adventure  Rachel Renee Russell