Fine Arts

Welcome to General Music at Douglas!

Students are fortunate to have general music in grades K-4 and have a choice of band, orchestra, or general music in 5th and 6th grades. The administration at Flowing Wells recognizes the importance of fine arts as part of a well-rounded education, especially for elementary students.


4th Grade – 4th graders are learning how to play the Ukulele. This instrument prepares them for next year as they learn music notes.  They will show you all sorts of wonderful things they have learned.

Douglas Singers
App for iPhone and iPad
Can play on computer
Will need a microphone
Will need a flash drive from Adobe (free)

K-3 Grades – These grades focus on beat, rhythm, melody, singing, and moving!

Douglas Singers – Douglas has an after school choir for 3rd – 6th graders. Students meet on Mondays after school until 3:00. We sing approximately 3 times a year.

Ensemble (Group) Music participation enhances

*  Problem-solving           * Teamwork                            *Goal setting                           *  Poise                            *  Self-Expression                  *Memory Skills                        * Self-confidence              *Concentration               

Music has a profound effect on the academic success of students

Mrs. Bley, General Music Teacher

Upcoming Events:

  • Choir, Ukulele, Band & Orchestra Winter Concert  on  December 1, 2022 @ Douglas Elementary.
  • Choral Festival: January 1, 2023 at FWHS.

  • Band, Orchestra, Choir & Recorder Spring Concert on May 4, 2023 @ Douglas Elementary School


Band and Orchestra

Douglas Elementary School Instrumental Music offers students the opportunity to learn a band or orchestra instrument. Instrumental music classes perform concerts once per semester, and have the opportunity to join the high school students with Band Buddy Night in the fall, and Orchestra Buddy Night during the Spring. Following are some important upcoming dates for our band and orchestra families.

Upcoming Dates:

October 14, 2022- Homecoming Night- FWHS 

November 16, 2022- District Band Festival- FWHS 

November 17, 2022- District Orchestra Festival- FWHS 

Thank You!

Adam, Jones, Orchestra Instructor

Spencer O'Keefe, Band Instructor