Our School

At Douglas
We give second chances
We apologize
We forgive
We respect each other
We keep our promises 
We never give up
We encourage one another
We laugh often
We belong

We Are A Family

Douglas Elementary School

A Note From Our Principal,  Dr. Tamára McAllister


PAWS: We will be continuing our positive behavior program this year. Students are expected to follow the P.A.W.S. model when they are in school, on the bus and in our community. P.A.W.S stands for: Promptly Prepare, Act Respectfully, Work Hard and Stay Safe.  We believe in rewarding students for doing a great job. With this in mind, we will have many incentives tied to following P.A.W.S. this year.  

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We have a Douglas Facebook page that is primarily utilized to update parents on important upcoming events and to highlight what awesome things our students are doing.

We are excited to announce we also now have an
Instagram page!  The profile name is DouglasElementarySchool and this is another way to stay up to date with school events.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up Thank you to all of the parents that have been following our drop off/pick up procedures.  We appreciate you!  We have had issues with some parents not following procedures though.  This is a friendly reminder that during morning drop off it is not okay to pull up to the curb in the front of the office to drop off students.  If you are using the front parking lot, you must park your car, exit your vehicle and walk your student onto campus.  If you are using the back alley for pick up at the end of the day, you must continue to pull forward to keep the line moving and you are not allowed to park your car or exit your vehicle.  These procedures have been put in place to keep our students safe and to keep traffic moving.  Let’s all work together to accomplish those goals.



Dr. Tamára McAllister, Principal