Dear Parents and Families,

Reading is an essential part of your child’s academic success.  My mission is to foster a love of reading in every child as well as take part in their education.  It is important to encourage and support this at home to promote a positive reading experience.

Each child gets to visit the library once a week.  Intermediate grades are allowed to check out books and take them home.  Primary grades are able to check out library books but keep them in their classrooms.  The Walter Douglas library has a wide collection of fiction and nonfiction books in a range of reading levels for students to enjoy.  The selection of books is continuously supported by the book fair and Brofest.  This helps ensure that new and exciting titles are constantly being added. Thank you Bookfair and Brofest!

When your child visits the library not only are they allowed to check out books, but they are also taught lessons to support and enhance their classroom reading curriculum.  To make the library a special place, guest readers and older students visit to share stories as well as their love and enthusiasm for reading with the different classes.

I enjoy working with every student and creating a special place in their heart for reading.


Dixie White, Walter Douglas Librarian