Physical Education

Physical Education is a class that is offered to all of our students, K-6. Regardless of skill level, every student has the potential to lead physically active lives. The focus of this class is to provide kids with several opportunities to be active and successful. The goal is that each student will acquire a number of skills while enjoying the various activities that they encounter. In turn, each student will continue to pursue activities that he or she enjoys outside of class and lead an active, healthy life.

K-4th grade have PE once every four days

K-3rd is for 30 minutes

4th grade is for 40 minutes

5th -6th grade have PE once every three days

5th-6th is for 40 minutes

Intramural Sports is offered for 4th-6th graders in the morning at 7:35. This program is intended to provide a positive learning environment that allows students to utilize skills learned and put them to use during game situations.

Each quarter represents a new season.

1st quarter – Crazy Volleyball

2nd quarter –Coed Cross-Country

3rd quarter –Flag Football

4th quarter –Basketball

Feel free to contact me if you would like any more information regarding the PE or intramural sports programs.

Thank you,

Coach U